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January 9th, 2007

vthing98 @ 04:15 pm: 213
8 pounds since I have started. I know its all water weight, but still.

Went to the gym this morning. Today was my Heavy Pull muscle day. Worked my shoulders, and my biceps. Did the seated row for my back. Also did this weird diagonal row for my lower back. Finished up with assisted pull ups and pull downs.

Did 12 minutes on the stairmaster, and called it quits.

I had Kashi cereal with soy milk for breakfast. An Atkins bar for a midmorning snack, and another one for an afternoon snack (I know I should limit those to one a day).
Tonight, dinner will be at the Helmand.

gloworm59 @ 10:58 am: New Year, New Attempt

So, I posted in my personal journal about my weight gain since my scale broke last fall.  Disappointing.    I knew I couldn't deny that my jeans were becoming tighter any longer, so here I am, again.  I know that I haven't been making the most responsible choices in what I eat and drink (especially the quantity of the latter).  I have also recognized and perhaps overembraced that I am a comfort-eater.  If I get stressed, I eat a cookie, or a cupcake, or whatever we have in our office.  I need to try to curb, or at least, limit that.  

I went back to the gym yesterday, for like, the first time since Thanksgiving, I think.  It wasn't so bad.  I took it kind of easy, though.  I have a bizarre pain in my wrist, though, and I don't know if it's from that, or something random.   I'm looking pretty aggressively into taking some sort of class.  The elliptical is fine, but I think I would really enjoy some sort of dance class.  It might also motivate me to do something other than stretching and cardio, because I just really cannot make myself get down on the ground to do crunches and leg lifts and such.  Not to mention that I HATE HATE HATE crunches.  I feel like I have ireparably poor form, and it always hurts by back and neck.  Or, I'm just particularly weak in those areas.  I would LOVE to have an Ab Lounge.  Maybe for my birthday.

But anyway, I'm looking into possibly bellydancing, Irish Dancing, or Xpose FitnessCCBC has a really fun-looking Salsa Aerobics class, but it's at Dulaney High School, and I just don't see myself getting that far north after work on a regular basis.  I'm also  considering the YogaRhythmics class here at HCC.  The problem is, I'm also considering taking some credit classes here, so I need to figure that schedule out before booking any fitness classes.  

Is anyone else planning on taking classes?

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December 24th, 2006

aurelia25 @ 10:21 am: This community has been neglected!!
Okay, okay, so I only posted once about 10 months ago...but I was wondering how everyone is doing this holiday season. Plus we're about to hit the new year, when many might have New Year's Resolutions that involve their health and fitness.

Personally, I have made one small step towards a healthier lifestyle--I've completely stopped drinking soda at work for about a month or so now. COMPLETELY. Not even one when I feel stressed. My biggest problem is that I was drinking whatever was available, which was a lot of soda. Now, the girls in the office are trying to keep our fridge stocked with bottled water. And I'm doing well with that--3-4 bottles of water per day. I'd like to increase that, but at least I'm getting water into my system, whereas before, I'd be lucky if a Coke was ALL I drank all day long! I have a cup of coffee in the mornings still, but it's an improvement.

I'm not really eating any differently, but I am also trying to get more calcium and dairy into my diet. Osteoporosis runs in the family, and I really should have started 10 years ago with drinking more milk. I try to have yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit at work for snacks instead of chocolate. Or in addition to the chocolate. ;) So, not much has changed, just more water and more dairy.

I've also stopped chewing my nails for the second time this year :) It's been a whole 2 weeks--and my nails are lookin' pretty nice!! I don't even have the urge to chew...interesting.

I had a dream last night that I worked out. Ha. Maybe my body is craving some physical activity besides sitting at a desk or in my car all day long :) I might start a morning workout routine again, even if it just involves walking for 30 minutes around the community. Better than the nothing I'm doing currently!

And so...that's all I have to update in here. Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday!!! :)

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March 15th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 10:12 pm: On getting old and fat and why you should work out...
So, since I am apparently cheating on my diet more than I realize, you know, since I've lost a whole like, 3 lbs since January, I figued I needed to step it up a bit. So, for the first time since, um, college, which was, um, *cough*sixish*cough* years ago, I went to the gym. I'm not really embarrassed about graduating 5 years ago, btw, I just thought that was kinda funny. :)

So, you don't really realize how long sixish years ago was or what kind of impact it has on you until you try to go work out like a 21-year-old when you essentially *haven't*, period, since then. I totally don't remember those muscles hurting like that when I stretched out before, lol. Or doing the elliptical for like, 2 minutes, and being like, "Am I done, yet?" I used to go on about how much I loved the elliptical because it was so easy! And, I suppose, relatively, it probably was.

So, the moral of the story is: Don't think that taking a walk around your neighborhood once or twice a week when the weather is nice is keeping you in shape. I am going to ache like an old woman tomorrow, I can feel it. But it's probably for the best. :)

February 9th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 09:28 am: Back on the wagon, Day 2

I don't think I did *too* bad yesterday...


Let's take a look:Collapse )

Leftovers are the bain of my existance.

February 8th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 09:42 am: Bad bad bad

Ok, I know I've been BAD at this! But I also definitely notice that I do better with my eating when I have to tell everyone what I'm stuffing my face with. If I don't write it down, it's too easy for me to "forget" that I somehow ate 3 cupcakes yesterday. So, why don't I start back up with yesterday, which sucked diet-wise, btw. Back on the wagon. Today, I promise.


Tuesday's FoodCollapse )

I just really feel like I need to start being more balanced and having more fruits and veggies.

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January 27th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 09:45 am: Ugh
What a horrible week and a half it's been in, as far as eating goes. Not all the time, but a lot of it. And where is everyone? Y'all can post even if I'm not around.:)

I'm not going to recap what I've eaten since the last time I posted, but I definitely had a couple of bad lapses in the past week - this past Saturday I went to a fantabulously irresistable potluck, then football on Sunday - which may not have been that bad - I had a buffalo chicken wrap and fries, but that ended up being both lunch and dinner. Then Tuesday with Orientation and donuts, then yesterday - was probably the worst. We had Convocation with free breakfast in the morning, and I was doing ok until I broke down and got a muffin. And the potatoes, YUMMM. Lunch was good, just a cup of soup, but then we got pizza for dinner, with cookies, and then snacks for the students attending Orientation, which were yummy-yummy cheese and crackers from Bun Penny. Dill havarti and smoked gouda? Yum yum yum. So, I need to get back on track today. I think I need to find a physical activity, too.

January 13th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 02:47 pm: Day Four

A little late, but here it is (assuming I can remember that long ago!):

Yesterday's FoodCollapse )

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January 12th, 2006

dwhren @ 08:53 am: Howdy
Hello fellow dieters. I have joined your little community. I'm not going to post all my weight food stuff here because I'm doing it in my own lj danielleshealth. I wanted to keep track of some other stuff related to my body besides just diet related stuff, that I didn't figure was appropriate here. But I definitely would like the accountability of this group, so I hope at least some people will pop over and read my entries there.

By the way I'm amused by how tasty all of the "diet" food everyone is eating sounds.

Yay us for doing this, and yay us for sticking with it so far. Go Team!:)

January 11th, 2006

gloworm59 @ 09:15 pm: Wednesday

Felt kind of yucky this morning...not sure if it's because of diet, illness, or taking medication on a not-full-enough stomach.  I was pretty nauseous at work.  I doubt it's diet related, because it was after breakfast, and diet breakfasts are pretty much my typical breakfasts - I had a dish of oatmeal, then an apple later.  And when I've done this before, I've felt hungry, maybe even headachy, but not nauseous.  I still don't feel 100%, but I don't feel like I'm going to throw up in a garbage can, either.  I hope I'm not coming down with anything.

Coping with the nausea today might have thrown off my diet a bit.  But I figure, losing weight isn't worth getting sick over, and if eating some popcorn is going to make me feel better, than so be it.

Today's MenuCollapse )

Even the author of 90-10 says, if you're so hungry you're uncomfortable, eat - just choose wisely.

BTW, I'm really excited everyone's joining!

Early. Bed. Now.


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